MGM Grand Maximum Vegas

To tap into the consumer trend of online pre-shopping, an immersive journey through the MGM Grand and its amenities was staged. The fictional video follows a man and woman as they slip easily between fantasy and reality, between romance and independence, in various parts of the hotel, both day and night.

Awards & Recognitions

2007 Cannes Lions Cyber - Bronze
2006 Webby Awards - Best Corporate Website
2006 FWA Site of the Month

J&J Reactine

Reactine asked us to help bring them into the digital age. We started by giving allergy sufferers something that they could actually use and find helpful. We created an app that helps them better manage their symptoms with an allergy forecast and alerts on days when their allergies may be at their worst. 

We also completely revamped their web presence by making it a simple, clean and informational website with shareable allergy tips. Rather than the cold and sterile environment that you find in most of pharmaceuticals websites, we created content with a friendlier tone of voice while still showing them that we’re taking their symptoms seriously.

Bell Pixel City

Bell is the largest telephony and wireless provider in Canada. Bell came to us to brand and create a visual identity for a new youth focused line of mobile phones to be released nation wide.

The idea was to create a visual playground - a world opposite to which the Bell Canada brand exists. We created a city made of pixels for the main website and allowed the users to explore freely through the city to unlock content and other little surprises. 

Awards & Recognitions

2004 Cyber Lions Cannes - Bronze


Every year AKQA comes up with innovative ways to say Happy Holidays to clients and friends alike.

At the San Francisco office, staff is not only allowed but encouraged to bring their dogs to work and since 2006 was the Year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology, this seemed like an appropriate and playful way to say goodbye to the old year also celebrating the laid back and creative culture of the agency.

Awards & Recognitions

2007 Cannes Lions Cyber - Shortlist Redesign

With more than 200 offices in 90 countries, JWT were lacking a consistent global brand presence and was stuck in a costly practice of creating a different web presence for each of these markets. The redesign aimed to highlight the power of the global network and its people and to empower offices worldwide to publish independently and rapidly to one common framework and platform.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Support the launch of the Grand Vitara with an online component. Most car buyers do their comparative shopping on the web, hence the information-driven web experience. Using solely a 3d model of the Grand Vitara as our only asset from Suzuki, we devised a microsite that brought out the features of the automobile to its essence. A sleek minimal design was introduced to showcase all of the features and product benefits in a very linear navigation which seamlessly flows from one section to the next.

Reel 2004-2009